My thoughts on the reunion.

I thought it was funny that Alicia and valentina were mad because of what Shannon did, but yet they jump people.

Nancy got on my motherfucking nerves talking shit when SHANNON WAS OFF THE STAGE! Like bitch shit your ass up. And her hair was so greasy like no bitch.

Stephanie mulan looking ass was talking hella shit, like bitch why are you even on the reunion like you didn’t do shit the whole show. Just because you fuck and grind on the pole dosent make you bad. Omg her voice is so terrible like bitch you need to stop smoking.

Hmm let’s see Paula is a basic bitch like her voice is annoying even though she got into one fight she’s still an irrelevant ass bitch. AND she still hasn’t fixed them fucking eyebrows. Like bitch you do hair , do your motherfucking eyebrows! Same with Stephanie.

I just think Rocky, Shannon, Nicki, and Jane are the baddest bitches and valentina, Nancy, Stephanie, Paula, Alicia, and Jenn need to die and whoever likes them can kiss my ass:*

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