I’m not feeling Nicole Nikki whatever the fuck. I feel like she’s trying to damn hard to be bad. Her voice is annoying as fuck like omg, she just needs to so talking.

Stephanie needs to stop wearing so much fucking makeup like that bitch should have learned how to do them damn eyebrows before the show. And she is so trashy like bitch why the fuck are You peeing outside when you could have walked your lazy ass to the bathroom!

The Nigerian bitch is boring, all she does is talk shit about people. Booorrrijnnnggg

Shannon is boring

The red head is boring, I don’t even know her name smh

Paula is okay

Janae is that only one I like, like yea she gets sloppy drunk but who cares she’s a grown ass women let her do whatever the fuck she wants if she wants to get mad at a bitch let her fucking fed mad at a bitch.

I’m already ready Raquel and the other replacements to get there cause these bitches are whack.

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