Raesha or whatever is ugly

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Why is Diamond there

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Violently rolling my eyes because the actual reunion hasn’t started

The parents got more screen time than the actual reunion :(

I’m falling asleep

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Violently rolling my eyes because the actual reunion hasn’t started

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Tanisha is so annoying

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I wish Britt pulled a Mimi and didn’t show up like seriously no one wants you there just so you can prove that you can beat up jada like big deal every one can beat up jada and guess what she still is badder than you cause she isn’t scared if any of you punk ass bitches so take a seat and go gain more weight and pretend you been going to the gym all this time ✋

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Anonymous asked: Britt does look a lot cuter tho I can't hate


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Anonymous asked: Whatever happen to that scene of jada and jonica making out in the hot tub ?

Ask oxygen

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Britt be like you ugly. Ok

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Oochie Wally Wally oochie bang bang

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Bgc12 Reunion part 1 sneak peeks



sneak peek 1

sneak peek 2

sneak peek 3


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Elizabeth: ”To my other daughter @kyliejenner happy birthday! Since day 1 I have felt like you were part of my family. I get to see a genuine sweet side that shines bright. Love you and have a blessed day!! ❤️️👑🍪”

rookooks: ”Happy Birthday Lanceford”

Liltwist: “happy birthday luv”