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Bgc12 Reunion part 1 sneak peeks



sneak peek 1

sneak peek 2

sneak peek 3


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Elizabeth: ”To my other daughter @kyliejenner happy birthday! Since day 1 I have felt like you were part of my family. I get to see a genuine sweet side that shines bright. Love you and have a blessed day!! ❤️️👑🍪”

rookooks: ”Happy Birthday Lanceford”

Liltwist: “happy birthday luv”

yungtaco: Happy birthday lil baby @kyliejenner”

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Lol people don’t understand makeup at all. Making your lips bigger or smaller is normal. Like fuck it’s just lipstick and lip liner.

I’ve been in my room acting like I’m sleep because my cousin is here and she hella annoying.

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Anonymous asked: YeS!! If that's your friend and they're rn fighting back of drag u too tbh

Whoever would sit there and watch there friend get beat up is not a good friend. You don’t have to jump but you could at least pull the other person off. Especially if they aren’t fighting back.

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Anonymous asked: Even diamond said age felt someone pulling her hair.

Jada said Aysia wasn’t even swinging back. So idc if her dumb ass got her hair pulled.

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Anonymous asked: Jada snatches diamond off Aysia by pulling her hair


Really? Can I have the link to the video? I could have sworn the season has to finish before you get to see the reunion unless you actually were there. Were you? 

That’s what Jonica said. But Jada said she didn’t. Jonica also said she hit Jada for doing that. We shall see.

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  • Friend: want to go to church with me tomorrow?
  • Me: *thinks of excuses*

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whatdidntyouexpect asked: More so Steals from the Dumpster. Not Shop.

Hmm well knowing that a dumpster is used to throw away trash and things that are not wanted it’s not called stealing either oopps

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