Kylie:  ”I might be coach on #teamquincy but I can still rep #teambreezy right? 😁😁 shhh”

Kendall & Kylie attending the Chris Brown & Quincy ‘Kick’n It For Charity’ Celebrity Kick Ball Game at the Glendale Sports Complex in Glendale, California

Beau: “@BrooksBeau: Team Quincy πŸ‘Š

Desean Jackson: “Wit the Homies @kyliejenner & sis @kendalljenner Turn up !!”

Kylie:  ”Grillz”

Kylie: “Whateva bout it”

Anonymous asked: Why are you deleting omg no I'm not here for it

Because bgc is getting boringΒ 

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french asked: aww no. why are you deleting after this season if we have like one more season left? bgc13 is going to be too good for you not to blog about it :o

I just might wait until bgc13 is over. Idk this season is boring. I’m kinda over it.

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Anonymous asked: proof that blu and jenn are dating?

Hold on let me call jonica real quick

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Anonymous asked: Its about time you deleted your blog. So many unnecessary bgc blogs and you're one of them.

But you still follow me? That or you’re stalking my blog. bYe

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Anonymous asked: ok soo does jonica and jenn date or nahh ??? lol

Jonica sad she was single but it’s obvi she’s dating jenn

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Anonymous asked: Thats why I said who the hell is rhianna πŸ˜‚ cause u spelled it wrong

LMAO really? wow i accidentally misplaced the i with the h. maybe you should stop worrying about what i accidentally misspell and worry about your grammar boo ;)

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Anonymous asked: Who the hell is Rhianna ?.

Some girl that used to sing about good shit now she’s just worried about money and patting ha pussy

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BITCH ME TOO!! The fuck?

-me agreeing with someone (via lohanthony)


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Deleting this blog once this season is over

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